The sludges generated in the settling and clarifying parts of the wastewater treatment plants and some water supplies constitute a problem associate with the process. In order to get a solution its reduction of volume is advisable, because of transport and management costs. This can be carried out of many forms. The industry usually has short space, reason why usually it resorts to machines that do not generate nasty odors

Filter press

It consists of a battery of plates that has an empty space inside both faces. The plates are made of resistant plastic (polypropylene) that stay united and are guided by a hydraulic engin system. These plates have an inner communication to each other in the central part. Each plate is covered by both sides with filter material. Therefore, between plate and plate there´s a cavity that is filled up with sludge during the cycle of filtrate, by pumping at moderate pressures normally made by a pneumatic pump. 

When the pressure reaches a programmed rate, an appreciable greater compaction is no longer possible, and then the battery of plates is opened, by lateral displacement of the hydraulic cylinder, dropping the cakes formed between plate and plate (dehydrated sludge from 30 until 40 % of dry matter or higher).

Paper band filter

Filtrate system for cases of very small productions of mud, automatic operation, with different filter pore passage sizes.

Other solutions

In addition, HIDROLAB offers secondary equipment to complete the water treatments as coarse solid waste removal, fat separators, atmospheric evaporation, etc.

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