We put at your service our experience and the best engineering companies HIDROLAB collaborates with in matter of biological treatment.  This way of processing requires tanks or pools of large relative volumes retention time with a constant supply of oxygen by air injection. In order to get the removal of nutrients, like Nitrogen by nitrification and denitrification process, there is a need of enhance the volume of those tanks.  Therefore, it is necessary to  keep in mind the construction work as an important part of the total investment.  

Because of it, to carry out a complete characterization of the quality and quantity of  effluent is always recommended to impruve the solution design, only way to adjust it as possible to its needs.  

If it is possible to use this kind of process, you can include our professional advise for the establishment even in your own wastewater tank or pool, to save investments in new works.  Also it can be carried out in prefabricated fiberglass reinforced polyester deposits, stainless steel, concrete, etc.   
The aireation can be carry out by the installation of different devices of experienced designs: diffusers, aerator system, biofilters, etc. as well as the secondary clarifier, recycling and purges of the activated sludge formed.  

You can consult us through the attached request by filling up with your data and making specific questions with your needs and/or interest, and we will answer you widely

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