Numerous and diverse industrial activities are advised by HIDROLAB for the purification of the supplying water or the improvement of residual waters quality. They can consult to carry out selection to us of processes, technical attendances, technology transfers and studies related to waste disposal authorizations. Industrial reuse, agriculture reuse.


Physical chemical treatment process, biological and combined ones. Sludge and solids dehydration. Experience in waste treatment, among others, of the following industries:


• Trucks laundries, Tank laundries. 
• Wineries. 
• Industrial laundries. 
• Recycling of plastics. 
• Factory of vegetables in conserve. 
• Slaughterhouses. 
• Waste managers. 
• Painting Factories. 
• Restaurants. 
• Grape and other fruit liquid wastes. 
• Cold cure meat factories. 
• Must Concentration. 
• Barren Wash. 
• Treatments of metallic surfaces. 
• Cardboard and paper manufacture. 
• Ceramics, dairy factories, Rotary vibrating shaker machine for wet sifting, hydraulic liquids, etc. 

Water purification:

Purification of water through techniques of filtration, descalfication, disinfection, osmosis reverse, etc. Some application carried out:

  • Supply of pure water for laboratory system.
  • Recarbonation of water for consumption.
  • Ion exchange.
  • Nitrate removal.
  • Elimination of iron.

We have a great laboratory of microbiological and chemical analysis at your service

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