Water analysis

HIDROLAB carries out studies of  physical, chemical and microbiological quality of samples related to very different situations and applications. General properties and study of micropolluting agents in both potable and wastewaters, toxicity, etc.

Also HIDROLAB owns a great experience and the best tools in different standardized methods of taking simple or compound samples, in situ flow measurements and datalogging by using the most reliable sensors and data loggers, as much of manual form as automatic (autosamplers, data transmission, etc.): temperatures registration, sampling, pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, flow, etc.


You can consult us through the attached request filling up with your data and making specific reference to your needs or interest, and we will answer you widely

Potable waters 

  • Well waters, springs and waters of the network.

  • Waters for domestic and industrial consumptions.

  • Analysis for control and improvement of water supplies, etc. 

Quality of bath waters 

  • Swimming pools, toilets, bath, mineral waters, rivers, dams and wetlands. 

  • Disinfection control. 

  • Mining-medicinal waters: properties according to its composition. -

  • Aerosols and evaporative processes: Legionella. 

Irrigation waters

  • Classification according to quality.

  • Reclaimed water reuse. 

  • Fertirrigation.

  • Prevention of pathogenic germs.

Prevention of salinization

Water for industrial processes or uses

  • Effectiveness of softners.

  • Purification for laboratories or industries.


  • Boilers

  • Irrigation water quality.

  • Air conditioning.

  • Water bottling industries.

  • Food industry.

  • Laundries and washers.

  • Services of industrial cleaning. Corrosive or incrustation properties:

  • Langelier and Ryznar index... 

Waters for building matterials manufacturing.

  • Aptitudes for its use; effects on concrete according to its properties...

Waste waters 

  • Quality of effluent.

  • Treatmen trial in laboratory tests and process selection for disposal authorization. 

  • Control of water purifiers.

  • Solids and flocculent settling studies.

  • Possible reuse of reclaimed wastewaters.

  • Recycling of treated water.

  • Ecotoxicity.

Continental or marine waters. Fish farm

  • Control of dissolved oxygen and other parameters. Biotics Index. 
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