Solids, muds and remains

We wanted to include those samples of solid type in this section as follows: 


  • General composition 

  • Heavy metals 

  • Toxic compounds like oils, hydrocarbons, phenols, etc. 

Arids and other construction matterials 

They are characterized by the content of: Sulfur, Extractable Sulphate, Organic Matter, Dry Matter, and others. 

Sludge of wastewater treatment plants or septic tanks 

We characterized its main properties like dry matter, volumetric index, studies of oxygen consumption, etc. All these parameters are interesting to maintain water purification.

In addition, we analyzed the N-P-K wealth in nutrients like Organic Matter, Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and others plus Heavy Metal concentrations. It is possible to value its aptitude as fertilizers and disposal on agriculture soils... 


  • In addition to composition studies, its characterization and classification according to official toxic and dangerous waste disposal norms is usual.
  • Study of leaching according to these norms.

Solid fertilizeres

Raw materials 

  •  Chemical composition.

  •  Physical properties.

  •  Hydrophysical properties.

  •  Granulometry 

Combustible Solids or Waste

General and specific composition to estimate its calorific power.

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