Calibration of analyzers and methods using certified patterns previous to measurements. We have traceable calibration following ISO17025 Norm as much of the analyzer used as of the different sensors and measuring equipment used.
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Sampling of atmospheric emissions 

By means of ISO-UNE standardized methods, HIDROLAB uses an isokinetic sampling probe, an automatic multiparameter analyzer and the appropriate media for taking samples from stacks or ducts of  dust and gases exhaust to the atmosphere according to specific Atmospheric Environment Sampling Norms.
Dust Concentration (Particulate matter). 
Gases like CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, VOCs, Hydrocarbons, etc.
Physical conditions of exhaust gases: Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Speed and Volume.
Report of the results expressed in standard and outputs conditions, in dry and humid base.

Sampling of gases at high temperatures is also possible.


  • Studies of air quality with multigas analyzer and measurement of other parameters:
  • Capture of sedimentary matter in inmission.
  • Air high volume capturer for suspended particles.
  • Gas Sampling.

Working site atmosphere studies 

​Measurements of the different compounds in working areas air, with different methods adapted to Regulations. 

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