HIDROLAB S.L. has highly qualified laboratories to carry out tests from simple routinary to very low concentration chemical analyses at trace level in a broad range of sample matrixes: waters, foods, soils, fertilizers, sludges, wastes, gases, etc. 
The staff who are at your service receive constant trainning in the different techniques they work usually and they up to date their knowledge by consulting the most recognized world-wide high level scientific magazines and publications of the sector. Also renovation and periodic calibration of the laboratory equipment are carried out continuously. International Norms of Quality are implanted, under which strict controls of each technique for different types of samples have been commited, periodic internal and external audits are regularly assumed, interlaboratory exercises are executed, ISO certified patterns are extensively used ... 
The company went up a significant step by acquiring instrumental of advanced technology. At the present time, it has the following techniques:

  • Inductive Coupled Plasm Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) with special sample digestion block of disposable tubes
    Atomic Absorption (AA), 
  • Gases Chromatography (CG) with NPD detectors (Electrons Capture and Flame Ionization types), FID,...
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), 
  • Other analytical techniques: FTIR, Absorption UV-VIS, Turbidimetry, Polarography, Selective electrodes, etc. 

Our laboratory has accreditation on the norm ISO 17025 in parameters of waters quality and air quality as well as being included in official records of recognized firms in the area of environmental control.

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