HIDROLAB offers to you the experience of more than 20 years in most of its activities, which have been developed rendering special care on quality and adapting it to every budget as possible. The company is located in an industrial facility of more than 1500 m2, at the center of a great industrial area considered like a model, in order to cover their increasing equipment needs and supplies.
Our activities are grouped in the three following divisions:

Laboratories of Chemical and Microbiological Analytical Services:

The study of any problematic subject related to the quality and environment can be undertaken: Water Quality, Soils, Dust and Gas Emissions. We normally make Analyses of Foods, Fertilyzers, Compost, Wastes and almost any type of sample, too. 

Water treatment, processes, equipment and systems:

From technical advisement to projects execution, mainly for industrial wastewater treatment and water supply purification sector: also sludge treatment, water reuse, etc. We guarantee the success of every proposal in this activity  because we always make trials in the laboratory for getting reliable both data and results before the design and execution of every solution. 

Automatic instrumentation of measurement:

Hidrolab develops and supplies instrumentation systems of continuous quality measurement and environmental monitoring equipment that are completed with supplies of the best recognized firms of the market. They are applied for the sampling and/or continuous measurement/recording of Water Quality, Gas Analyzers and Weather / Agronomic instrumentation. 

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